I love a good auction!

Briggs auction, in Garnet Valley, Pennsylvania has been a staple in the estate auction world forever.  It’s a great Friday evening destination under any circumstance, and especially when an invite comes from my handsome son.  One of my current projects includes accessorizing a bookcase wall (actually three bookcase walls), and leather-bound books were on my shopping list.

My son is a comic aficionado, and has had great success furthering his collection at Briggs.  This particular auction featured a rare poster print by illustrator Gilbert Shelton which was his goal for the evening.

Much to my surprise, beautiful and rare books go for very low prices at this auction.  Things got off to a great start as I accumulated 40 beautifully covered books well below my budget!  We quickly added a fine old gold-leaf mirror with an exquisitely carved holly motif frame, and the original beveled mirror.  I am still kicking myself over a large lantern that I loved and didn’t even bid on, but extremely pleased with the oversize old green glass jug that will make an important centerpiece through every season.  The absolute highlight of the evening was when Mike backed out of the auction on his poster print, and then jumped back in and was awarded the bid for ten more dollars!  Can’t wait for next week!

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This post was written by Camille Gracie