Design Services

Whether your design challenges are simple or complex, investing in professional interior design services will assure a successful result.

Residential Space Planning/Interior Design

Interiors Inc offers measured, scaled drawings of project spaces, proposed new or existing, defining spacial allocations, circulation patterns, layouts for furniture and equipment placement. Each item is carefully chosen and placed in proportion to each other and the project space according to the client’s project priorities and goals. Specifications for furnishings and finishes are keyed to the space plan to make coordination of trades, and product execution a success.
Space planning and Interior Design are the essential tools for every project and map your objectives from start to finish, whether it is all-at-once or phased as budget permits.

Commercial Space Planning/Interior Design

Whether planning a new space, making an organizational change, increasing productivity or integrating new technology our services improve the efficiency and maximize the flexibility of interior spaces. Taking into consideration the company’s priorities and goals, the company’s organizational structure and relationships, space allocation criteria, building codes, work flow and potential for growth, our planning & design services create the roadmap for execution of the project from conception to realization.

Kitchen & Bath Planning/Interior Design

Implementing proven Kitchen and Bath design principals and applying a professional aesthetic will assure a kitchen and bath design that will make you and your house happy. Kitchens and Baths sell houses, so this is the ideal place to utilize professional services to increase the real value of your property.

Construction Oversight

Once you have made the decision to move forward with your construction project, the day-to-day questions and decisions can be stressful. Including Interiors Inc in weekly construction meetings with sight visits as needed keep the aesthetic of your project in sight throughout bumps along the way, and ultimately save costly mistakes.

Project Management

Whether your project is as simple as re-painting, or as complex as an addition, our services include project management. Regular site team meetings and site visits keep all of the trades coordinated and achieve the Interior Design goals for the project on time, and on budget.

Creative Direction

For the do-it-yourselfer, knowing what to do and where to shop may be all that is needed to achieve the desired result. Our hourly services provide as many, or as few of the answers as needed!

Interior Styling & Staging

Marketing a property, styling for a photo shoot, or setting up for a trade show by Interiors Inc sets your project apart from the others with a professional touch.

Garden Planning, Design, & Installation

Unifying the outdoor spaces with the interior spaces, we offer complete garden and hardscape design because your aesthetic begins at the curb.

Event Planning

Planning your corporate or personal event requires more than booking the venue. Professionally coordinated linens, chairs, décor, flowers, entertainment, activities and menu maximize the impact of your event budget.