Good Better Best

If you think your design project would produce a better result with professional help, but don’t think you can afford it, approach it from a Good, Better, Best standpoint.

Most Interior Designers, as do many professional consultants, charge hourly for their services.  But if you have concerns about the accumulation of hours vs. the budget (which you hopefully have) for your project, there is a solution that will make both you and your Design consultant (hopefully Camille Gracie), comfortable.

With Camille’s help, you can create three levels of service.  This is also known as phasing a project.  Phasing your project solves your design objectives by getting the project underway, and eventually completing your project as your budget permits, all with professional guidance toward a successful result.

For example, Good level, may be an onsite interview, a program (which is a written evaluation of the project objectives based upon information gathered at the interview), and perhaps a couple of scale drawings showing plan placement of existing or proposed fixtures (kitchen area, bathroom), with inclusion of options for furniture placement.  Better level may be all that is included with Good with the addition of specifications, fabric selections, finish (paint, tile, faucets, etc).  Best level would be all of the above, with the inclusion of all necessary subcontracted services (painter, etc) and supervision through implementation…all the way to accessories.

Of course every project is unique, and the Good Better Best ingredients will vary according to the individual circumstances, but Design Services can be based upon an allowance of time for each phase, allowing you the client the opportunity to have your dream room, or your dream project, or your dream home, with the professional help you need at the price you can afford!

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