Day Late, Dollar Short

Recently, a Designer friend of mine told me of a prospective client who cancelled an initial appointment for Services because her construction project had gone so far over budget that the Interior Design phase was postponed.


I‘ve saved my clients thousands, and tens of thousands of dollars on unnecessary construction expenses, change orders, and add ons by collaborating upon a budget based upon the client’s program at the beginning of the project, and then providing the oversight to assure the program is followed with enough left at the end of construction to implement the Interior Design phase.  Yes, the Interior Design services add to that phase of the budget, but in the long run, it is money well spent compared to the money saved in mistakes, change-orders, and add-ons.  If you overspend on the construction of your new living room and don’t have enough left for the sofa, will you be comfortable sitting on the floor?

By hiring a qualified Interior Designer (Camille Gracie) early, your projected budget will last through best part of project, the Interior Design!

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This post was written by Camille Gracie