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If you haven’t checked out our articles in the Home & Garden section of The Hunt Magazine online, there’s still time to catch up on your reading!  http://thehuntmagazine.com/ Not Your Mother’s Laundry, published 6/19/12 Dynamic Lower Level:  Add Space Without An Addition, published 8/8/12 7 Essential Elements to a Family Fitness room, published 9/24/12 The New Traditional, published 12/11/12 The...

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Neutral Palette

A neutral palette can be inspired by unexpected sources.  What better combinations than my favorites…tan, white, cream, rose all punctuated with a splash of black?  This little bully highlights the camel chenille better than any pillow, but imagine if it were a pillow, how naturally the neutrals contrast, yet blend.  click on image to enlarge

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Day Late, Dollar Short

Recently, a Designer friend of mine told me of a prospective client who cancelled an initial appointment for Services because her construction project had gone so far over budget that the Interior Design phase was postponed. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! I‘ve saved my clients thousands, and tens of thousands of dollars on unnecessary construction expenses, change orders, and...

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